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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Shawn & Danielle - March '05

Shawn and Danielle worked, and painted, changed, and completely renovated their current home just so they could move! Well that wasn't exactly the plan, however Ken & Carol's old home seems to be just what the doctor ordered.
The main reason they've decided to move is because the neighborhood and location of the house provide a huge benefit for the children. It's off the main road, very close to all the schools, the whole family can play hockey in the street and b-ball on the garage pad, and the neighbors have children who the boys like to play with.
Another plus is that many of the features inside the home are things that Danielle is looking for in a home and can't really do to their current residence. The only thing the family will truly miss about the their current home is all the memories and the custom home theatre Danielle and Shawn constructed and designed by hand.
A new pet! You would think 2 pugs in one home would be enough, but not when Danielle is involved. For Valentine's Day, Shawn went out and acquired a bright orange kitten named Pumpkin, born in October of 2004. He's a great new addition.


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