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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Home - Michelle & Jon

George and Pat Sr's home at 11 Circlewood Drive was sold and luckily kept within the family when Michelle and Jon, George and Pat Jr's daughter and son-in-law, purchased the home in March 2006.
They spent the whole summer renovating and had an open house October 29th. What a wonderful job and a complete new look. Pictures available here.

Jeanette Remembrance

Michael and Joyce Wier were able to visit Ken and Carol October 13-16th and this enabled us to have a memorial get together to remember Jeanette Pratt. We were happy to see about 35 of the Bell, Portas families young and old including Michael Pratt Jeanette's son.

Grandma Pat - March '05

Congratulations Grandma. The greater Porti Clan is very happy to be celebrating Great Grandma Pat's Birthday this snowy St. Patrick's Day. Everyone is wishes you good luck and good health in the future Grandma! The family will be getting together on the weekend at Smiley's Restaurant in Sherwood Park to celebrate.

Ken & Carol - March '05

Believe it or not, after 15 years of living in one location Ken & Carol are moving back to an acreage just outside Sherwood Park. Considering the amount of times Ken & Carol have moved in their marriage, many of us find it hard to believe they are actually going to move AGAIN! Well it has been a long time, and they've decided to get themselves the garage space and bungalow they've always wanted.

Shawn & Danielle - March '05

Shawn and Danielle worked, and painted, changed, and completely renovated their current home just so they could move! Well that wasn't exactly the plan, however Ken & Carol's old home seems to be just what the doctor ordered.
The main reason they've decided to move is because the neighborhood and location of the house provide a huge benefit for the children. It's off the main road, very close to all the schools, the whole family can play hockey in the street and b-ball on the garage pad, and the neighbors have children who the boys like to play with.
Another plus is that many of the features inside the home are things that Danielle is looking for in a home and can't really do to their current residence. The only thing the family will truly miss about the their current home is all the memories and the custom home theatre Danielle and Shawn constructed and designed by hand.
A new pet! You would think 2 pugs in one home would be enough, but not when Danielle is involved. For Valentine's Day, Shawn went out and acquired a bright orange kitten named Pumpkin, born in October of 2004. He's a great new addition.

Jason & Sue - March '05

Jason, Sue and Madilyn decided to purchase beautiful new Pontiac minivan for Alexa. The van is dark blue and comes with a DVD player for the passengers. Jason also managed to point out that you can hook up a PlayStation to the TV screen as well.

Lance - March '05

In the next couple of months Lance will be planning his return to England to finish up his doctorate in engineering. He shouldn't be gone long and plans on landing a very large very prestigious job that pays him big dollars upon returning. Well that might not be his real plan, but Shawn would love to mooch off of somebody rich and famous.

Alison - March '05

Alison has been given the chance to further her position at Millar Western by taking a new Human Resources course at the University of Alberta.